This week's highlights

What you need to know about has been surrounded in controversy. So what do GPs and practice managers need to know about the scheme and what should they tell patients? Fiona Barr reports

This week's highlights

How to maximise vaccination uptake

Immunisations represent a significant amount of practice income, so how can practices maximise the number of patients immunised with the least amount of fuss?

A practice manager's tested tips for more efficient use of email

Stay on top of email without allowing it to take over your working life, writes Fionnuala O'Donnell

How merging or federating affects practice premises

If you are joining together via merger or federation, consider the premises issues that can arise from collaboration, writes Sam Hopkins

Succession planning for a partner's retirement

Recruiting GPs can take up to a year in the current climate, so succession planning is vital, writes Jenny Stone

How to boost practice staff morale in challenging times

Strengthen leadership and communication and inject positivity into practice life, advises Fiona Dalziel

GPs and practice managers invited to listening events to tackle stress

GPs, practice managers and all NHS staff are invited to listening events to tackle stress and devise solutions to present to government.

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