Sick notes and certificates (private)

The Medeconomics Database of GP Fees is gathered from official sources, plus our own research among UK GP practices.

The BMA suggests fees for private sickness notes. The fee is payable by the patient or, depending on the circumstances, another organisation requiring a sick note such as an employer, insurer, etc. Establish who will pay your fee in advance.

GPs cannot charge for statutory certificates: Med 3, Med 4, Med 5 and Med 6.

The results from the 2014/15 Medeconomics survey shows that the average fee charged for this service has risen by £1 from the previous survey in 2013.

Service Fee Average fee charged

Simple certificate of fact

£18 S


More complex certificates, which include:

  • private sick note (incapacity certificate required by patient to present to an employer - not statutory certificates)
  • Accident or sickness insurance certificate
  • Freedom from infection certificate
  • Validation of private medical insurance claim form to support a claim
  • Health club written report to certify that a patient is fit for exercise
  • School fees and holiday insurance certificates

£30 - £63 S



V - VAT should be added if VAT-registered
V/E – VAT exemption could apply depending on circumstances
S - Suggested by the BMA
ST - Statutory fee set by government
N - Nationally agreed by BMA and relevant body

**Average fee is taken from Medeconomics' survey of 306 practices across the UK in November 2016. Average fees for each UK country, from the same survey, are:

  • England - £17
  • Wales - £18
  • Scotland - £20
  • Northern Ireland - Low response

Results from previous years' surveys

October 2015: UK average £17; England £17; Wales £16; Scotland £18; Northern Ireland £13

December 2014: Average for UK £15, England - £15, Wales - £14, Scotland - £16, Northern Ireland - £10 (smal sample)

Feb-Apr 2013 survey: UK average £14; England £14; Scotland £14 (small sample); Wales £12 (small sample); Northern Ireland £11 (small sample).

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