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The Medeconomics Database of GP Fees is gathered from official sources, plus our own research among UK GP practices.

GPs can charge a fee for providing medical information to insurers in relation to a patient’s claim for policy benefits. The fee may be payable by insurer or patient. The BMA suggests the rates below.

Service Fee Average fee charged

Simple certificate

£18 S



More complicated certificate

£30 - £63 S


V - VAT should be added if VAT-registered
– VAT exemption could apply depending on circumstances
- Suggested by the BMA
- Statutory fee set by government
- Nationally agreed by BMA and relevant body

*Average fee is taken from Medeconomics' survey of 306 practices across the UK in November 2016. Average fees for each UK country, from the same survey, are:

  • England - £30
  • Wales - £22
  • Scotland - £27
  • Northern Ireland - Low response

Results from previous years' surveys

October 2015: Average for the UK £26; England £27; Wales £23; Scotland £24; Northern Ireland £17

December 2014: Average for the UK £25; England £25; Wales £24; Scotland £32; Northern Ireland £22.

Feb-Apr 2013 survey: UK average £23. England £23; Scotland £24 (small sample); Wales £21 (small sample); Northern Ireland £18 (small sample).

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