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QMAS Guide: Are you ready for the QOF year end?

As we approach the end of the seventh year of the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF), here are a few reminders of things you'll need to do.

At the QOF year end you must submit clinical achievements like BP measurements to QMAS
At the QOF year end you must submit clinical achievements like BP measurements to QMAS

The Quality Management and Analysis System (QMAS)
Do not rely solely on your clinical system but use QMAS to see the official version by logging on at nww.qmas.nhs.uk (N3 connection required).

If you need a new account, have forgotten your password or have locked yourself out, then contact your local QMAS administrator at your PCT now.

Always log out before closing your browser window and ensure you only use your own personal account. Remember also to ask your local QMAS administrator to disable accounts of any GPs or staff who have left your practice.

QMAS help
The QMAS helpline number is 0845 6016907. QMAS can be very slow at busy times so please sort out this part of the process now.

Things to remember
Check your clinical achievement now so that any anomalies can be identified early. Once on the QMAS website click View and update then Current and forecast achievement to see your current points and pounds.

It’s a good idea to also check your current prevalence. This year, for the first time, there is neither the square-root adjustment nor the 5% cut-off that caused problems for some practices last year.

Many practices will now receive a higher pounds-per-point payment reflecting the extra work associated with higher prevalence.

Submitting achievements
As soon as you have had approval from your PCT following any visit or review process, submit your non-clinical achievements on QMAS. Remember that this is a three-stage process comprising:

  • Save answers
  • Review answers
  • Submit achievement

If you do not complete all three processes but then see a ‘submission successful’ message you have not made the submission. You cannot correct this after 30 March. PCTs often still have to manually upload achievements for practices so please act now to avoid this happening again.

Then in the first week of April check your achievement and, if there are discrepancies, contact your PCT which should help resolve these.

You will have to present convincing evidence if any adjustments are to be made. You may be asked to declare that, apart from PE7 and 8, you are happy with the total points displayed on QMAS.

The results of the patient survey will not be available before May. End of year payments cannot be finalised until the PE7 and 8 results have been entered into QMAS by your PCT.

Hopefully this can be done mid-May so the final QOF sign-off can be made early June.

QMAS training website
Who will be signing-off the declaration of achievement for your practice? Do they know what to do? For reminders, see the QMAS training website at nww.qmastraining.nhs.uk/qmastrain/index.htm (N3 connection required).

Another comprehensive and useful source of information is the QOF Management Guide, which you can find on the PCC website at www.pcc.nhs.uk/qof-management-guide.

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