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Five tips for buying housekeeping items

There are substantial savings to be made relative to the size and range of services of the practice, says Nick Coleman.

Make sure your supplies aren't exposed to extremes in temperature or light (Picture: iStock)
Make sure your supplies aren't exposed to extremes in temperature or light (Picture: iStock)

Housekeeping costs are all relative to the size and range of services your practice is offering.

General products in this category typically range from paper products, such as paper towels, to washing up liquid, bin bags and toilet cleaning products.

Reducing spend in the category is simple and here are five tips to help you buy better:

1. Branded products
We get stuck on the brands we know and trust a lot, but sometimes there is a supplier's own brand of the same cleaner that may work just as well for a fraction of the cost.

Virtually identical non-branded products can usually save practices up to 50 per cent. Most non-branded product types clean just as well as more expensive named brands and are often made in the same factories.

2. Storing correctly
Improperly stored cleaning supplies can turn into a mess. Make sure your supplies aren't exposed to extremes in temperature or light.

Keeping supplies from spilling and mixing is also a major concern. Cleaning supplies should also be stored away from areas where small children might come into contact with them.

3. Multi-use
There is a cleaner for everything and if you got them all your practice cleaning storage would be overflowing.

The truth is that a lot of cleaners can pull double duty. If you want to save on your housekeeping budget, pick all-purpose and multi-purpose cleaners.

4. Reusable products
Disposable items are handy, but they can quickly eat up a practice's budget. To save time and money, pick items that can be reused.

Microfibre cloths are a great choice for cleaning, dusting and scrubbing. Instead of disposable mopping pads, pick a good reusable mop and take care of it. Choosing reusable items can save a lot of time and money.

5. Other consumables
Housekeeping suppliers carry impressive ranges of stocks which also include medical grade gloves. Buying via these networks can often produce substantial savings on gloves and couch rolls which are not associated with 'medical supplier' status so can be up to 30 per cent cheaper.

  • Nick Coleman is a director of healthcare sector procurement specialists ProCure Health Ltd

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