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Cancer (CAN) QOF tips

Tips for improving achievement and current indicators for 2013/14.

Tips for improving achievement

 Aberdeen GP Dr Peter Kiehlmann, who sits on North East of Scotland Cancer Coordinating and Advisory Group, said GPs should consider a range of questions to help improve their care of patients with cancer:

  • ‘Were there any earlier symptoms which in retrospect may have been dealt with differently?'
  • ‘Who will be the 'Usual Dr and Nurse' to coordinate care? Do you need a ' buddy ' to cover?'
  • ‘What is the patient's understanding of diagnosis, and of prognosis? These forms of words important, not just what specialists write about what pt told, but a face to face exploration of patient's ideas concerns and expectations.'
  • ‘What are carers' understanding of diagnosis and prognosis?’

GP should also plan a follow-up appointment to allow completion of 'Cancer Care review' and remember to code patients correctly to add to register, he adds.

Current indicators

Cancer (CAN) indicators Points Achievement thresholds (all UK countries)

CAN001: The contactor establishes and maintains a register of all cancer patients defined as a ‘register of patients with a diagnosis of cancer excluding non-melanotic skin cancers diagnosed on or after 1 April 2003’.



CAN002: The percentage of patients with cancer, diagnosed within the preceding 15 months, who have a patient review recorded as occurring within 3 months of the contractor receiving confirmation of the diagnosis.




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