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Taking 24-hour retirement

Kevin Quinn explains restrictions on hours worked under '24-hour retirement' rules

Question: I plan to take 24-hour retirement in two years’ time or earlier. After the initial 16-hour limitation on hours worked in the first month, does my work need to be evenly spread throughout the week, or can I have every friday off, work a full day on Tuesdays and half-days on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, for example?

Answer: A GP (or any other member of the NHS pension scheme) may choose to ‘retire’ from the NHS for a period of 24 hours, qualifying for retirement benefits, and may then return to work as long as he or she does not undertake more than 16 hours' NHS work a week for one month thereafter.

Provided GPs who retire with age, voluntary early retirement (or deferred) NHS pension benefits meet the requirement of not working for more than 16 hours-a-week within one calendar month of retirement, after that month has passed, there is no restriction on the amount of NHS earnings they can receive or the amount of NHS hours that they can work.

Neither are there any restrictions on the structure or format of NHS working hours either during the first calendar month after retirement (when the 16-hour limitation applies) or after that month has passed.  

  • Kevin Quinn is a chartered financial planner at Ramsay Brown Financial Services Limited.

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