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GP contract changes are going to seriously damage your income

'To rectify past blunders is impossible, but we might profit from the experience of them,' so said George Washington, and most of us would agree with that until you read the latest document from the DH with GPs' contract changes.

Now listen up, these changes are going to seriously damage your income. Don't think you will be able to maintain your income, you wont. Some practices will close, some GPs will not want to continue. You ignore this at your peril.

In 2004, GPs had to vote for the contract before it was priced. In hindsight, it's daft. Now, the GPs negotiators have been given a deadline to negotiate, and that deadline ends before the new global sum is announced. It was this nonsense that created the MPIG in the first place. Let's not do this again. It's pointless negotiating without this basic information. The negotiators should refuse - and the profession needs to get behind them and do whatever is necessary to stop this proposal going ahead.

The loss of the correction factor and the organisation points will hit good high performing practices hardest, and poor high list low service (Daily Mail) practices the least.  My initial calculations show a good inner city practice will have its profits reduced by more than 50% unless they do more work. If the newly funded global sum increases, it will reduce the effect of the reduction, but there is not much optimism that it will and anyway, WE DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS!

Perversely, a low performing high list practice will only lose around 22% of their profits, so I suppose at least the Daily Mail will continue to have its fun.

The industrial action on pensions was, dare I say, foolish. With these profits, expected pensions will be but a dream anyway. This is the battle to fight and this is the time for battle. If the negotiators fail now, we can look forward to a low paid, dulled profession starved of innovation and ambition

Perhaps the Pensions Agency should take on more staff to cope for the rush for GPs taking their pensions...........

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