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PCT premises funding and beware Greeks bearing gifts

In my spare time (which is getting sparer and sparer) I am working my way through a part time Classics degree, and have just finished the third year, so half way there.

The reason I mention this will be clear shortly. A client I visited yesterday told me of her recent experience. She is single handed and approaching retirement in the next few years, working out of a small unit.

The new PCT made contact with her and asked if it could pop round for a chat. How nice she thought. Three people arrived, and not only asked her about her practice, but about the ages and careers of her children, details of her home mortgage and other personal questions. Once she gave them the information, which cleansed their consciences, they told her that her premises are not acceptable and they would be dispersing the list. They kindly suggested that she looks for new premises, but as there was no money in the kitty, she would have to fund the purchase and running costs herself, but they could probably come up with a one-off contribution of £5,000.

So when they made the same request a few weeks later, she had the LMC waiting and was rather more guarded in her response.

So in this immediate post Olympic period, a timely reminder to beware Greeks bearing gifts.

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