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Do you have a distinct sense of contract déjà vu?

In my accountancy practice, we have two key rules for the people who work here: first, you cannot complain about something unless you have at least two solutions. Second, everybody is allowed to make a mistake - but not the same mistake a second time.

I found the following quotations referring to the GMS contract:

1. ‘These (new contract arrangements) constitute the most significant changes to the structure, ethos and morale of general practice.’

2. ‘There are signs that the contract is producing disillusionment and a reduction in places on vocational training schemes.’

3. ‘The need for significant amendments so early in the life of the new contractual arrangements has arisen from the haste with which the contract was imposed and the urgent negotiations that have taken place to ameliorate some of the worst features of the new arrangements.’

These quotations were from former GPC chairman Dr John Chisholm in the preface to his book ‘Making Sense of the New Contact’. He was writing about the 1990 new contract, but his quotes apply equally to the 2004 new contract with its flawed Carr-Hill formula, and the 2014 new contract with inadequate provision for practices losing their correction factors/MPIGs.

So what has been learned over the last 24 years? That is it alright to make mistakes again and again and again; or in the latest management speak I have been subjected to: ‘we are all on a journey to face the challenges moving in the same direction of travel’.

Someone stop the bus please.

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