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QOF changes for 2015/16 - England

The number of QOF points for 2015/16 will remain at 559, with some changes to indicators.

DEM002 will now be worth 32 points and patients will be required to have a care plan (Picture: iStock)
DEM002 will now be worth 32 points and patients will be required to have a care plan (Picture: iStock)

Changes have been applied to indicators for AF, CHD, dementia and CKD in what the GPC said was ‘important, clinically appropriate changes to QOF’.

However, there are no new NICE indicators and no changes to thresholds for the QOF in 2015/16.

Under the changes for 2015/16 36 points – worth £5,650 to an average practice - will move to new QOF targets.

The changes

  • AF004 and AF005 are replaced with new indicators AF006 and AF007 to incentivise the use of the CHA2DS2-VASc stroke risk score. The new indicators will be worth 12 points each up from 6 points each.
  • CHD006, worth 10 points, has been retired.
  • DEM002, which relates to the percentage of patients diagnosed with dementia whose care has been reviewed in the previous 15 months, has been replaced with DEM004 which states patients' care plan should be reviewed and the points for this target have increased from 15 to 39.
  • The timeframe for DEM003, relating to blood tests for patients newly diagnosed with dementia, is changed to 12 months before or 6 months after entering the register. This is renumbered to DEM006.
  • CKD002, CKD003 and CKD004, worth 26 points in total, are all retired.
  • An amendment to CKD001 to reflect the change in classification of CKD in line with NICE guidance. This indicator is renumbered as CKD005.
  • OB001 is renumbered to )B002 and the age range for the obesity register starts at 18 as opposed to 16.

The value of a QOF point for 2015/16 will increase to £160.15 to reflect population growth and relative changes in practice list size from January 2014.

Details of 2015/16 GMS contract deal

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