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Global sum, QOF and other contract payment information for 2016/17

Funding details of GMS funding for the current financial year.

Key changes for 2016/17

Full details of the GMS contract for 2016/17 can be found in the Contracts section of Medeconomics.

The points below summarise key changes relating to funding in each UK country.


  • The global sum payment per weighted patient increases from £76.51 to £80.59.
  • The out-of-hours deduction changes from 5.39% in 2015/16 to 5.15% in 2016/17.
  • The value of a QOF point increases to £165.18.
  • The item of service fee for vaccination and immunisations has increased to £9.80.
  • The £42m funding for the dementia ES has been transferred into core funding with no out-of-hours deduction applied.

MPIG phase out
Phasing out of the minimim practice income guarantee (MPIG) began in 2014/1 and will continue through to 2020/21. Corerction factor payments are reduced by one-seventh of the 2013/14 value and the aggregate funds reinvested into the global sum with no out-of-hours deduction.

Seniority phase out
Phasing out of seniority payments began in October 2015 and will continue through to March 2020 with a reduction in payment and simultaneous reinvestment into core funding each year with no out-of-hour deduction applied.


  • The QOF ceased to exist in Scotland from 1 April 2016. Funding for the 659 points that were available in the QOF will be transferred into each practice's global sum, based on the practice's average achievements over the previous three years.
  • £20m of the money transferred into core funding is designated 'continuous quality improvement' funding and should be used to support key elements of the transitional quality arrangements for 2016/17. See here for more details on this.

Details for Wales and Northern Ireland to follow...

Visit Medeconomics' Contracts page for full details of the 2016/17 contract

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