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Changes to the QOF in Wales for 2017/18

Practices in Wales are no longer required to demonstrate achievement in QOF clinical indicators totalling 165 points, but will still receive payment for them, following changes to the framework for 2017/18.

The Welsh government said the move would free up GPs to spend more time with frail elderly patients and those who are chronically sick.

For 2017/18 the clinical domain of QOF in Wales will be split into ‘active QOF’ and ‘inactive QOF’. Some 17 indicators, totalling around 40% of the QOF clinical domain, are now designated as inactive and practices will not be required to demonstrate achievement in these areas. Instead, practices will receive payment for these indicators at the same level as 2016/17 achievement.

The Welsh government said that these indicators either have limited value in managing a patient’s condition, can be monitored through enhanced services or are linked to wider national clinical audits.

Some of the inactive indicators will be subject to peer review during 2017/18 to provide assurance on  quality of care, the government added, while other indicators may also be considered for peer review if any specific causes of concern are identified. Funding for peer review of the indicators will be provided via a new indicator in the cluster network domain.

In addition, five clinical indicators worth 40 points are being retired from the QOF and the funding, which equates to around £6,700 for the average practice, will be transferred to the cluster network domain. Details of changes to the cluster network domain can be found below.

The table below shows how the points distribution across the QOF has changed.

  Clinical domain Cluster network domain Total
QOF points 2016/17 407 160 567
Clinical QOF retired (40)   (40)
QOF transfered to cluster network domain   40 40
Total 367 200 567
Inactive QOF 165    
Active QOF 202    

Retired indicators

The following indicators are retired with the funding moved to the cluster network domain.

 Indicator Points
 BP 001W
 DEP 003W  10
 HF 005W
 COPD 008W
 Total points removed

Inactive QOF

The following indicators are now classed as ‘inactive’

Indicator Points
DM002* 8
DM003* 10
DM007* 17
DM012* 4
DM014* 11
AST0004 6
COPD002* 5
COPD003* 9
COPD005* 5
MH002 6
MH007 4
EP003 2
RA002 10
PC002 6
SMOK002 25
SMOK004 12
SMOKE005 25
Total inactive QOF 165
*These indicators will be subject to peer review during 2017/18 to provide assurance on the quality of care

Changes to cluster network domain

  • CND 002W (cluster network action plan) and CND 003W (implementation and delivery of the cluster network action plan) totalling 50 points have been replaced with CND 009W - develop a three year cluster network plan and monitor cluster network activity - worth 70 points.
  • CND 005W (clinical governance) totalling 30 points has been replaced with CND 011W - quality assurance: clinical and information governance and peer review of inactive QOF indicators - totalling 50 points.
  • The general practice national priority areas CND 006W (cancer care pathways), CND 007W (improving end-of-life care) and CND 008W (minimising the harms of polypharmacy) totalling 45 points have been replaced with CND 012W - clinical priority pathway areas - totalling 45 points.
  • CND 001W (develop a three-year practice development plan and complete a practice sustainability assessment) worth 30 points and CND 010W (agree a cluster network annual report) worth 5 points remain unchanged from 2016/17.

Download the latest guidance

Full details of changes to the GMS contract in Wales for 2017/18

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