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A trolley that lends a touch of colour

The Sunflower Vista 50 trolley is invaluable, says Dr Gwen Lewis.

This trolley has to be what every woman GP or nurse working in primary care wants and needs. Maybe some men might even find it useful. But certainly for us girls, it is invaluable. With Christmas looming, perhaps this is what we should all have on our practice present wish-list. And the trolley even comes in different colours according to your preference.

The trolley is brilliant for storing all those necessary pieces of medical equipment that could possibly be needed, and it is all easily accessible.

The trolley which I trialled had four plastic trays and a lower metal basket in which I was able to store any equipment I might need and all in easily transportable form.

Each plastic tray comes with dividers which enable the tray to be divided into sections and used for storage of a number of different swabs or bottles.

Storing equipment
I used the trays to store many different pieces of equipment including all cervical cytology-taking equipment and chlamydia swabs in one tray, phlebotomy equipment in another and disposable specula in another.

The trolley comes with a durable, removable top shelf with upstand, which I found excellent for use in IUD fittings but this would be equally useful for minor surgical procedures.

The shelf is easily removed and may be cleaned with warm water and mild soap or diluted disinfectant to ensure sterility, as may the whole trolley.

The Sunflower Vista 50 trolley comprises a removable top shelf with upstand, and either four plastic trays and a lower metal basket (Sun-MPT2) or with six plastic trays (Sun-MPT1) depending on your preference.

The trays come in a selection of colours of either blue, green or transparent. I was very pleased with my trolley with its blue trays, but I am sure that the green trays would be just as attractive.

Almost all consulting rooms would have space for the trolley and it comes on castors making it very easy to move around. The trolley which I tried out, even had locking castors, making it very stable and especially useful for IUD fittings. I was particularly pleased to read that the trolley is made in the UK, even more so as the trolley is so sturdy and obviously well-made.

I loaned the trolley to our GP registrar Natasha for her to try it out also, and her verdict was that it was fantastic. She has not been trained in IUD fittings, so filled the metal basket with a number of fluffy toys instead to be used by children in consultations.

She found the trolley particularly useful as a mobile surface for smear taking, with the trolley used as a container for all necessary equipment and the top shelf as a surface for actually performing the smear.

You are given a choice of colour of trays to match your consulting room, so what more could a girl ask for?

- An independent review by Dr Gwen Lewis, a GP in Windsor, Berkshire

- Equipment provided by Williams Medical Supplies

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