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Sturdy scales aid in quality battle

Dr Peter Ilves falls for a set of floor level scales

Seca 761 At first I was a little disappointed to be reviewing a piece of equipment which, let’s face it, is something pretty ordinary. I also knew that a set of scales made by Seca would be sturdy and reliable and do the job handsomely.

However, as with love, my relationship with the Seca 761 grew and I had no idea how close we would become.

My surgery already has Seca scales. They have been our trusted weighing implement of choice for many years.

I have had no complaints except that they do have to be recalibrated at regular intervals. Seca scales have always done the job and the Seca 761 is no exception.

My only slight gripe is that we are metric now, so there are no stones and pounds on the SECA scales, which some of my patients find a little unsettling.

However, one thing I was impressed by is that the unit is quite lightweight compared to other scales of its kind. I have popped a facet joint or two, bending over to lift some units in the past, but this one is pleasantly manageable.


I have no long-term RCT study to quote on yet in relation to its chronic reliability but I am sure if it follows in the Seca style it will do just fine.

I must admit the greatest challenge to floor sitting-scales is the patient who is very large or the small child who decides to skate around on the glass dial and then finish off by jumping on it repeatedly.

I am pleased to announce that I did test the unit out by bashing it myself and standing on the panel and it survived. In fact, it was then that I noticed that it was made of a semi rigid plastic, which I thought was pretty impressive.

I had feared that, once the scales had been a part of the surgery for some time, soon they would simply be taken for granted.

I could not have been further from the truth. Myself, I am a big man, but luckily life has a way of tapping you on the shoulder, and hypertension was my trigger to stop ignoring my BMI of 39.

The Seca 761 was to be my personal saviour. I now revel in leaping on and off my new scales in between patients and after home visits.

I have even taken them home with me. It is amazing how relationships develop. I now had my own personal aid to salvation.

At the same time they have become my implement to meet all that we have to meet in this quality-framework-driven world.

This set of scales would no longer be taken for granted.

I am very happy with the range of Seca floor scales and the 761 is a great addition.

My only proviso is the pounds and stones omission on the dial but, with a calculator or a glance at a chart, the non-metric patients are not left wanting.

An independent review by Dr Peter Ilves a GP in South West London

Equipment supplied by Williams Medical Supplies.

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