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A bag designed to hold everything

The Elite doctor's bag holds flat and bulky objects with ease, says Dr Stefan Cembrowicz

Over the past 30 years I have often pondered how to design a better doctor’s bag.

I’ve carried a Victorian leather obstetrician’s bag — a classic, though no room for paperwork; a slim Samsonite briefcase, which was too flat to organise much awkward medical equipment; a neat pigskin briefcase; a heavy aluminium case purloined from my veterinary father, and recently a soft, laptop-style leatherette shoulder bag from John Lewis’ sale.

None was perfect and all had to endure being thrown into the boot of my car and carted into patients’ homes.

Our new contract means I no longer have as much need to venture out equipped for any eventuality and most ill patients are nowadays prepared to attend the surgery.

Therefore, my bag is lighter to reflect this, although I’m not going to give up one of our last privileges and duties — carrying controlled drugs. After all, what are doctors for?

However, if you are the sort of GP who prefers to own just one bag that holds everything you could possibly need, I would recommend the Elite doctor’s bag.

This bag has clearly been designed to cover as many roles as possible. Presumably this is to remove the need for owning several bags that are designed to hold different items.

An abundance of space

Beneath its sturdy, wipeable faux-leather exterior is a commodious combination of flat storage for a clipboard and paperwork, removable insulated ampoule compartments, and spent needle storage.

There are many other compartments suitable for medical kit such as a sphyg, diagnostic kit, and urine test strips.

Plus, there is even room for a laptop. And that unexpected bottle of Christmas Scotch.

Each compartment holds equipment snugly. This means that there is no need to worry about things being thrown around inside the bag.

Because the bag will carry an extended range of medical kit, I would have thought it more suitable for long overnight sessions far from home rather than for just popping round the corner.

Despite being able to hold both flat and bulky objects with ease, the Elite is also small enough to be used as hand luggage on a flight, which means it could even make a useful overnight bag.

However, my one gripe is that it is far too heavy to carry around easily.

Even when empty, it weighs a hefty 4kg, which is more than my full-sized Globetrotter suitcase. Therefore, perhaps this bag is better suited to a very muscular GP.

However, if you need to carry a considerable supply of medical equipment and your paperwork at all times and in all weathers, perhaps in a remote area, the Elite could certainly fit the bill.

- An independent review by Dr Cembrowicz, a GP in Bristol

Equipment supplied by Williams Medical Supplies

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