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Wide range of medical resources

Dr Jeremy Sager describes the many resources that make him log on to the Univadis site.

You just finished morning surgery. You've dealt with the repeat prescriptions, dictated your referral letters and read your post. Now it's time to catch up on what's happening in the world of primary care.

There are now a great many medical websites offering in-depth, up-to-the-minute medical information services.

But for those GPs who already have favourites, let me explain why Univadis might still be worth investigating.

Now, I admit to writing some reviews for the site, but that came about because I had been using the site. So, let me show you what makes me log on.

Navigating the site
Register and sign in first to get to the homepage where you can start to appreciate the scope of the site.


I usually head first to the UK news section for the headlines. Then it's a quick look at the local weather before turning to the medical headlines - a summary of the news for both primary care and hospital physicians. To keep us up with the wider world, there's sport, financial and world news too.

Impressive research
During your working day, you may find something that you need to research. Recently a patient with chronic fatigue syndrome asked me if there were any new treatments that had been proven to work.


I used the Univadis search page, and was given a list of multiple simultaneously searchable resources. In a few seconds I had exactly what I needed: a relevant chapter in the updated online medical database 'Harrison's Online' and several references that were useful.

After scanning these, I could then assure her that beyond cognitive behaviour therapy and graded aerobic exercise, there were no proven interventions. Impressed by the speed of my conclusion, she vowed to start exercising cautiously.

Specialist reviews
Before buying hardware, software or books, it is well worth going to the technology centre and book reviews section, under services, to see if reviewers have got their hands on it.


You will find a balanced review from a doctor, useful downloads, technology tips and interactive training.

The clinical quiz is always worth a look, with a chance to pen your answer to a clinical or ethical problem and compare it with the winning entrant.

While you are exploring this page you will notice the interactive 3D anatomy section and Radio Univadis where medical luminaries discuss hot topics. Of course, the broadcasts are available as downloads.

Whilst we're on the subject of downloads, don't forget to browse the BraunwaldPLUS image library; plenty here for a slide show presentation.

You may also like to peruse the forums where users can debate and discuss health related topics.

That is what I get from Univadis and I think I have still probably only scratched the surface. Try it for yourself, and see which of the many resources you would pick at your best.


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