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Find scanned letters easily

Dr Paul Bromley has developed a software package to help GPs track letters to and from secondary care.

Scanning incoming clinical mail as image files and then viewing it easily as part of the clinical record is an essential requirement of any clinical system. While EMIS does offer this, to an extent, you can only display the last 10 attachments of the patient record.

I developed vuE, a stand-alone application that works with the EMIS LV clinical system, allowing the display of all scanned attachments and outgoing clinical letters (written in Word) in a graphical 'tree' format.

The program has been freely available for about five years but I have now released it as a low-cost application.

Initially conceived purely as an image viewer - allowing the clinician quickly to flick through the patients' incoming scanned letters - I added functionality to allow viewing of outgoing documents such as referral letters and Cardioview ECG files from Numed ECG machines.

I later upgraded vuE for Choose and Book, enabling any attachments to be exported to the patient's Choose and Book directory if the GP is using the web-based Choose and Book software.

A useful function of vuE is the ability to convert any text area of an image file into editable text.

One mouse click then sends this into the relevant text area of the EMIS clinical record. Coupled with this functionality, vuE can capture biochemistry and haematology results and automatically enter these as numeric values into EMIS.

I thought it was essential for vuE to have the same functionality on Portable EMIS - which gives access to patients' records away from the practice - as it does on the server version of EMIS LV and this is now fully incorporated.

Making vuE a commercial product will allow me to develop the software further. I am looking at a PCS version and welcome other suggestions. If you are an EMIS user and have not come across vuE, why not download a copy and request an evaluation licence key?

vuE PC requirements and costs

- Any Pentium class PC produced over the past few years.

- Dotnet 1.1 runtime - standard install on all EMIS workstations.

- Cost: £130 per practice for first year.

- Subsequent annual support and licensing: 50 per cent of the current purchase price.

- 10 per cent discount off initial purchase price for primary care organisations purchasing five-plus licences.

- For purchases by 31 January 2008, the licence will be valid until 1 May 2009.

- Download evaluation copy from www.informatiks.com

- For an evaluation licence contact informatiksmail@gmail.com.

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