Ask the experts: Practice finance

Jenny Stone is a partner at specialist medical accountants Ramsay Brown & Partners. Email: or call 020 8370 7705 9am-5.30pm weekdays

Latest Q&A

Can I pay our nurse as a self-employed person?

Jenny Stone advises a practice on the rules around employing staff and the difference between employees and locums/contractors.

What does the end of 'contracting out' mean for employer NI contributions?

Jenny Stone explains how changes to the state pension, which will result in the end of contracted-out schemes, affect GP employers.

Ask the Experts: Is it financially worth becoming a partner?

Jenny Stone advises a salaried GP who is weighing up a partnership opportunity.

Ask the Experts: How is pension liability calculated for partners?

Jenny Stone explains GP partner pension contributions.

Ask the Experts: How are premises maintenance costs accounted for?

Jenny Stone provides advice on premises costs.

Ask the experts: How should we divide up our seniority allowance following a practice merger?

Jenny Stone provides advice on allocating seniority income.

Ask the experts: Must a GP partner's aesthetics business be run as a separate company?

Jenny Stone highlights issues around liability, sale of goodwill and rent reimbursement.

Ask the experts: Should we recruit a partner or salaried GP?

Jenny Stone provides advice on replacing a partner in a cost-effective manner.

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