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Problems affecting the medical profession are not unique to the UK

Problems affecting the medical profession are not unique to the UK

Practices may be surprised to know that the problems they face are happening elsewhere in the world, writes Laurence Slavin.

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Should GP practices be left to fail?

An NHS official has suggested that vulnerable practices could be left to wither by the system.

Delay to changing the GP funding formula means continued instability for practices

You may remember from recent blogs that I have been banging on about releasing the pendulum that has swung so far against the interests of GPs that things could really only get better. But, last week there was a step backwards.

Is bigger better for general practice?

I remember my son Matthew asking me when he was very young which was stronger, a lion or a tiger? Another popular topic was whether a shark could win a fight with a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Why GPs still need funding for 'ghost patients'

I would like to introduce you to four former friends of GPs, IANI, IAGI, TANI, and TAGI.

Things can only get better for general practice

General practice is at a low point, but maybe it is time for the pendulum to swing back, says Laurence Slavin.

Increasing list sizes, GP earnings go public and tax concerns

It has been a busy month, and having seen a number of GP practices there are some clear trends in how they are faring.

Cracking down on the 'abuse' of 24-hour retirement

I was listening to the news on my way in to work last week and I heard that health secretary Jeremy Hunt wants to clamp down on abuses in the NHS, including excessive charging by staffing agencies and the 'use of 24-hour retirement'. What? Is 24-hour retirement abusive?

Are GPs prepared to 'publish and be damned'?

'Publish and be damned' might have been appropriate for the Duke of Wellington to cry, but are GPs prepared to publish their earnings and face their patients?

The pay award and Budget mean challenging times ahead for GPs

Events from the past week have done little to help GPs' finances, says Laurence Slavin.

Nostalgia, tax avoidance and HMRC

I remember the past as a time when the summers were longer and sunnier, young people were respectful to their elders and politicians resigned with honour when they messed up.

Resolving MPIG problems is not impossible

Some years ago, as part of our firm's teambuilding exercises, we had a motivation speaker who wanted us to believe (as he did) that we can do anything.

Why does the DH find it so difficult to solve GP funding issues?

The government has access to clever people, so why will it take so long to change the Carr-Hill formula to take account of deprivation, asks Laurence Slavin.

Does practice size really matter?

I have recently been pondering writing a series of articles or posts about 'what size of practice is most efficient'.

GPs must band together to protect their contracts

Despite the change in leadership at the GPC, it seems that the GP profession is being dragged ever closer to the edge of a cliff.

The GP partnership model is not broken

One of the great advantages of being an accountant is that you get to see all kinds of businesses, some run well, some not so well. We get a macro view on not only the efficiency of the business, but whether the model within which the business operates is the most suitable.