NHS funding and payments

Contract payments

Global sum, QOF and other contract payment information for 2017/18

Funding details of GMS funding for the current financial year.

Vaccination and immunisation programmes 2017/18

Fees and information for vaccination programmes in 2017/18.

PMS and APMS funding for 2017/18

Changes to funding for 2017/18.

Seniority payments 2017/18

Details of length of service pay for this financial year - and information about the phasing out of seniority payment.

Dispensing fees for England and Wales from April 2017

Payments for medication supply by dispensing and non-dispensing practices in England and Wales.

Enhanced service payments for 2017/18

Payment information for this year's enhanced services for England and Wales with links to more detail on each service.

GP pay details

Salaried GP pay 2017/18

Details of recommended pay for salaried GPs

GP retention scheme payments (England)

Formerly the Retained Doctor Scheme. Weekly allowance for employing practices - updated April 2017.

Returners' scheme payment

Payment to doctor under the returners' scheme.

Doctors in training/GP registrar salaries 2017/18

Detail of salaries for GP registrars in England in 2017/18.

Practice staff

Agenda for Change UK pay scales 2016/17

Full details of changes to AfC from 1 April 2016. The pay scale applies to NHS staff and can be used for practice staff.

Agenda for Change UK pay scales 2015/16

The AfC pay scale applies to NHS staff and can be used for practice staff.


NHS Pension Scheme contribution rates for 2015-2019

Details of NHSPS contribution rates for GPs and practice staff.

Pensions rules

Annual and lifetime pension allowances

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